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Java Net-Tools (english)

You want to know who owns a domain? Which mailserver is responsible for this domain? Who owns a IP? Is a domain reachable? Or you want trace back a route of a package?

No problem - with the Java Net Tool you will find it out!

New: Version 0.4.0 - here for download!

The programm is still under development. Use at your own risc!


With jNetTool-whois you find out who owns a domain or IP-address. Please enter a domain without “www” - for example “”.


With jNetTool-ns-lookup you find out the nameserver for a domain, or which is the ip for a domain (A-record) or which mailserver is responsible (MX-record).


A jNetTool-ping is “knocking at the door” of a computer. You will see if a computer is answering and how long will a package take.


Which way will a package take from you computer to the target and how long will it take itemized for each station - jNetTool-traceroute will tell you.


jNetTool-portscan: Which service offers the computer? Please take care with this, some owner would misinterpret this as an attack! Use ownly if allowed from the owner!


This nice tool shows you the networkclass of an IP-address, or you can calculate subnets, how many hosts are in a subnet, and so on….

Network planning:

The jnetool-networkplaningtool is not for real business, for the moment.

j-Net-Tool´s are powered by

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